Terms And Conditions

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Please NOTE the following:

  1. Artwork charges include 1 original proof and 2 revisions. Any additional changes or rework will incur a $55.00 artwork fee.
  2. Please proof read. We will accept no responsibility for errors once the proof has been approved.
  3. High resolution pictures to be provided at all times. We accept no responsibility for low resolution pictures provided to us.
  4. All order information must be supplied prior to approval. This includes but is not limited to delivery address, special instructions and install instructions.
  5. Printing will only commence after written approval which can be emailed to the above details.
  6. Signlines will be erected within 24 to 48 hours after written approval (excluding Sunday and Monday).
  7. Flyer turnaround 1,000 or less print and cut, 48 hours from approval, 1,000 or above 7-10 working days from approval.
  8. Turnaround time for Pointer Signs 5-7 days for orders under 10x. Please ask for ETA’s on orders over 10x
  9. Final deadline for weekend installation is 12 noon Fridays, approvals after this time will be installed the following week.
  10. All signs are the property of Vanguardgrafx, installed for a rental period of 9 months and are property specific meaning they are not to be relocated to another location unless approved by Vanguard management. All rentals over the 9 month rental period automatically process for removal. If you wish for this rental to be extended please contact removals@vanguardgrafx.com.au to arrange the additional rental fee.
  12. Quotes valid for 1 month only. Please always double check for an updated price. All quotes include 1 delivery location.
  13. Once the first proof has been received a minimum of $77 will be incurred as artwork fee in the case of cancellation.
  14. All reinstalls, or repositions incur a $55.00 reinstall fee.
  15. Outer metro installs incur an additional $77.00 fee. Country Signlines are required to be an outright purchase at an additional cost. If your company is located in an outer metro area – we will need to use a external courier ( a.k.a STAR TRACK ) this may take up to 4 days for delivery, please also note that once the goods have left our dispatch, it is within the couriers hands. If you require a connote to track your goods, you may ask for one from our receptionists
  16. Adding wings to an existing sign is a $65 call out fee which includes the wings cost.
  17. Graffiti removal is a $55 call out fee and but is not 100% guaranteed.
  18. Upon installation of a rental sign and until a rental sign is returned to Vangaurdgrafx premises, the client has full responsibility of the rental sign. The client will pay full replacement cost of any sign badly damaged, lost or stolen. The client will pay any repair or replacement costs for damaged signs up to the value that equates to that signs outright purchase price.
  19. Any equipment damaged or requiring reinstallation from a Weather Event is the full responsibility of the client. A Weather Event is defined any adverse weather conditions including and beyond the Beauford Weather Scale of 9 where win speeds exceed 75km/hr.
  20. It is the client’s responsibility to notify Vanguardgrafx should the rental sign not be in a satisfactory condition within 24 hours of installation. After the 24 hours, any damage described above shall be deemed the clients accountability.
  21. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide installation instructions regarding placement of rental sign and location of any underground reticulation and utilities. If installation instructions are not provided, installation will be at the discretion of the Vanguardgrafx installer. For avoidance of doubt, we do not take responsibility for any damage to reticulation or underground utilities where instructions are not provided or instructions are incomplete or incorrect. In the event that the client requires Vanguardgrafx to reposition an installed sign, a reposition fee will be applied.
  22. Sign rental is not available for commercial, sub-division and development properties and are charged at full outright sign purchase rates. A credit is available if the sign is returned without damage. The credit available is 80% of the value between a sign rental and outright purchase
  23. Please note Vanguardgrafx owns the intellectual property rights of any working files created by a Vanguardgrafx designer. A client only owns the right to the PDF Press Ready file if they have paid artwork fees on the design.
Illuminated Signage:
  1. Requirements:
    Toplites require good sun exposure for maximum efficiency. A toplite will not work correctly if placed under a street light.
    Liteboxes require access to power point to work.
  2. Turnaround:
    Toplites will be installed within 24-48h from the time of artwork approval, except Sunday & Mondays.
    Litebox will be installed within 3-4 business days from the time of artwork approval.
  3. Stolen or damaged items incur a damaged or unreturned materials fee.
  4. If a client orders a Toplite for a certain amount of days but then wishes to extend that time period, they only pay the difference in costs.
  5. Toplites and Liteboxes are available on a rental basis only.
  6. Cancellation fees may apply when cancelling an order.
  7. Please call us to discuss installs in our Zone 2 & 3 Areas (See our catalogue for Zone Map or email us for a pdf version).

*DEADLINE - Complete New Orders 5pm Thursday (including all photos & text) - SIGN Approval 12pm Friday - FLYER Approval 10am Friday for last courier. If any queries please ask!

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